Ice Blocking

Slide into Adventure: Ice Blocking as a Date Idea

What is Ice Blocking?

Ice blocking is a recreational activity in which individuals race to the bottom of a hill sitting on large blocks of ice. This unique activity is often enjoyed in warmer climates where there is no snow.

To participate in ice blocking, you will need a large block of ice that is thick enough to support your weight. You should also wear warm and protective clothing, as you will be sliding down a hill at a high speed. In some cases, participants may also wear helmets and other protective gear.

The goal of ice blocking is to be the first person to reach the bottom of the hill. To do this, you will sit on the ice block and lean back slightly. You can use your hands to help you steer and control the direction of the ice block. As you slide down the hill, you may also kick your feet to help you gain speed.

Why is it a Great Date Idea?

  • Unique and Memorable Experience: Ice blocking offers a unique and memorable experience that sets it apart from typical date activities.
  • Fun and Exhilarating: The thrill of sliding down a hill on an ice block provides an adrenaline rush and shared laughter, creating a bonding experience.
  • Affordable and Accessible: Ice blocking is a relatively inexpensive activity, requiring only an ice block and a suitable hill, making it accessible to most couples.
  • Promotes Physical Activity and Outdoorsiness: Ice blocking encourages physical activity and engagement with nature, promoting a healthy lifestyle and shared interest.
  • Icebreaker and Conversation Starter: The novelty of ice blocking can serve as an icebreaker, leading to engaging conversations and deeper connections.
  • Opportunity for Playfulness and Lightheartedness: Ice blocking allows couples to embrace playfulness and lightheartedness, fostering a sense of joy and connection.
  • Potential for Creating Shareable Moments: The amusing and memorable nature of ice blocking can lead to shareable moments and stories to cherish later.
  • Adaptable to Different Locations and Seasons: Ice blocking can be enjoyed in various locations, from parks and hills to frozen lakes or snow-covered slopes.
  • Suitable for Different Ages and Fitness Levels: Ice blocking can be tailored to different ages and fitness levels, making it an inclusive activity for most couples.
  • Potential for Customization and Personalization: Couples can customize their ice blocking experience with different sitting positions, sliding techniques, or even costumes.

Additional Tips for a Successful Ice Blocking Date

  1. Choose a Suitable Location: Select a location with a safe and manageable hill, avoiding areas with excessive hazards or crowds.
  1. Consider Weather Conditions: Dress appropriately for the weather and ensure the ice block is stable and secure.
  1. Embrace the Fun and Lightheartedness: Approach the activity with a playful attitude, focusing on enjoyment rather than competition.
  1. Capture Shareable Moments: Take photos or videos to capture the fun and memorable moments of your ice blocking adventure.
  1. Extend the Date with After-Activity Plans: Plan a complementary activity, such as a picnic, hot chocolate, or a bonfire, to extend the date experience.

Ice Blocking Contests You Can Try

Explore these ice-blocking contests for extra fun with your partner and friends, perfect for a double date or a gathering of couples!

Time Trials:

  • Set up a marked course down the icy slope.
  • Participants take turns sliding down, and the one with the fastest time wins.
  • This adds a competitive element to the ice blocking adventure.

Obstacle Course Challenge:

  • Create an obstacle course with ramps, turns, and other challenges.
  • Participants navigate the course on their ice blocks, testing their maneuvering skills.
  • The one who completes the course in the shortest time or with the fewest errors emerges as the winner.

Team Relay (can be played with friends)

  • Divide participants into teams.
  • Each team member takes turns sliding down the hill on the ice block.
  • The next team member can only start once the previous one reaches the bottom.
  • The team that completes the relay first wins.

Target Slide: (can be played with friends)

  • Place targets at different points on the hill.
  • Participants aim to slide their ice block and hit as many targets as possible.
  • Assign different point values to each target, and the person with the highest total wins.

Creative Sculpture Contest:

  • Before the ice blocking begins, give each participant an ice block.
  • During breaks or after the sliding fun, allow time for participants to sculpt creative shapes or structures out of their ice blocks.
  • A panel of judges or even fellow participants can vote on the most imaginative or impressive ice sculpture, and the creator wins a prize.


Ice blocking stands out as a unique, fun, and accessible date idea that offers a chance for couples to connect, create memorable experiences, and embrace playfulness. Whether seeking an adrenaline rush or simply a shared laugh, ice blocking provides an opportunity to bond and create lasting memories.

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