24 Long Distance Date Ideas: Keep the Spark Alive in Your LDR

In the world of long-distance relationships (LDRs), maintaining a strong connection can be challenging but achievable. It requires dedication, creativity, and a willingness to explore new ways of bonding. Keeping the excitement alive is essential for any LDR to last.

Let’s explore 35 easy and fun long-distance date ideas to enhance your connection, making your time apart feel nearer and more special.

35 Long Distance Date Ideas

Regular Video Chats

Stay connected with video chats for a virtual date experience in your long-distance relationship. Schedule regular sessions to talk, laugh, and see each other’s faces. Plan virtual date nights, like watching a movie together using Netflix Party or having an online cooking class. Keep the romance alive with video chats and make your LDR thrive.

Eat Together

Eating together is a delightful way to connect in a long-distance relationship. Have a virtual dinner date by cooking the same recipe and enjoying it over a video call. Order food delivery from the same restaurant and surprise your partner with their favorite meal. With apps like Facetime and Skype, share a meal while seeing each other in real life. Grab your laptop, choose a good recipe, and have a delightful meal together, even miles apart.

Binge Watch Together

Binging shows or movies together creates shared experiences in a long-distance relationship. Cook the same meal and enjoy it over a video call for a first-date vibe. Add excitement by surprising your partner with a care package filled with snacks, movie night essentials, or a new video game. Binging together is the next best thing to being physically present in each other’s lives.

Workout Together

Stay fit and connected by doing virtual workouts together in your long-distance relationship. Follow an online exercise routine or join a fitness class via video chat. Motivate each other to reach your fitness goals while spending quality time.

Play Video Games Together

Connecting through video games is a fun way to bond in a long-distance relationship. Explore new locales or team up against opponents in multiplayer mode. You can easily play together, even if you’re far apart, using platforms like Nintendo Switch and online gaming services. So pick up your controller, turn on your console or laptop, and have fun!

Read Together

Reading together is a great way to connect in a long-distance relationship. Choose a book, read it simultaneously, and discuss your favorite parts. Share articles or start a virtual book club, exploring different genres. Explore online libraries for free e-books to enjoy together. Reading together deepens your connection, even from a distance.

Send a Care Package

Show love in your long-distance relationship by sending a care package. Fill it with favorite snacks, handwritten love notes, and small gifts. Include movie snacks or games for a virtual date night. Personalize it with items reflecting hobbies or shared memories. Sending a care package brings joy and strengthens your bond when you can’t be together physically.

Take a Walk Together

Taking a walk together is a fun way to connect in a long distance relationship. Utilize video calls to share the sights and sounds of your surroundings, creating a virtual walk experience. Explore new locales through virtual walking tours, allowing you to visit new places together. Discuss interesting aspects of your surroundings, like the weather, architecture, or people you see. Make your virtual walks more interactive by incorporating exercise activities such as jogging or yoga. You can even plan virtual picnics where both of you enjoy snacks while taking a virtual walk amidst nature.

Send Photos

Keep the spark alive in your long-distance relationship by regularly exchanging photos. Share glimpses of your daily life, creating virtual photo albums to showcase your favorite memories. Snap pictures of your surroundings, offering your partner a virtual tour. Create a shared online photo album for both of you to contribute, bringing a piece of real life into your LDR and making the distance feel smaller.

Cook Together

Strengthen your bond in a long-distance relationship by cooking together. Choose a recipe, video call while preparing the same meal, and turn it into a learning experience. Spice things up with a virtual cooking competition or send a care package with all the ingredients needed. Explore virtual cooking classes to learn new recipes together, making your LDR cooking adventures exciting and endless.

Playful Chats

For a fun connection with your long-distance partner, engage in online games like virtual quizzes or multiplayer video games. Share fun facts, jokes, or riddles to keep the conversation light. Plan virtual movie nights, share music videos, or surprise your partner with interesting articles. These playful chats add a lively touch to your conversations and help keep the spark alive.

Write Letters

Connect sentimentally in your long-distance relationship by writing letters. Handwrite and mail love letters or share digital ones expressing your feelings. Write gratitude letters to appreciate your partner or jot down aspirations and goals to discuss. Create an online space for a shared journal of thoughts and experiences. Letter writing adds a personal and heartfelt touch to your LDR.

Fall Asleep Together

Keep the romance alive in your long-distance relationship with activities to fall asleep together. Watch a movie or take a virtual museum tour while on a video call. Play online games, leave your video call on overnight, or engage in various activities to feel close before bedtime. If you’re in different time zones, consider watching your partner sleep or singing a lullaby to create a comforting connection as they fall asleep. Despite the distance, these activities help you share intimate moments and create a sense of togetherness.

Take an Online Course Together

Connect and learn something new in your long-distance relationship by taking an online course together. Choose courses that interest both of you, from language classes to cooking courses. Set a regular schedule, discuss what you’ve learned, and use video chat or screen sharing to make it interactive. Consider courses that benefit your future together, making learning the next best thing to being physically together.

Wake Up Each Other

Begin your day positively in your long-distance relationship by being each other’s alarm clock and waking each other up. Start with video calls, share morning routines, and send virtual good morning messages with positive affirmations. Stay healthy by sharing virtual workout videos and discussing goals for the day. Surprise your partner with virtual breakfast dates, creating a positive and motivated mindset to kick off the day.

Ask Deep Questions

To nurture the connection in your long-distance relationship, dive into meaningful conversations by asking deep questions. Explore aspirations, life goals, and beliefs to foster emotional intimacy and strengthen your bond. Opening up and sharing vulnerabilities allows a deeper understanding of each other. Thought-provoking questions create an intimate connection, sparking discussions about life’s big questions and uncovering new depths in your relationship.

Share Your Bucket List

Keep the spark alive in your long-distance relationship by sharing your bucket list. Exchange dreams and aspirations, creating shared goals for the future. Reflect on each other’s aspirations, discussing places to visit, experiences to have, and achievements to accomplish. Plan virtual dates aligning with shared aspirations, bringing your long-distance relationship closer together. Rediscover shared interests, explore new activities, and support each other in pursuing bucket list items.

Share Personal Playlists

Connect on a deeper level in your long-distance relationship by exchanging personal playlists. Share music that holds meaning, even if miles apart. Listen to each other’s favorite songs, discuss the stories behind them, and use music to express emotions. Discovering new music together expands tastes and creates shared experiences. Share those playlists and let the music bring you closer together.

Talking to Your Partner’s Family and Friends

Building positive relationships with your partner’s family and friends is crucial. It helps you understand your partner better and shows value for the people they care about. Strengthening these connections contributes to a healthier and more meaningful long-distance relationship.

Make Videos or Photos Slideshow

Create a unique compilation of your partner’s videos and pictures, along with your shared moments. Add your favorite song or a theme song as background music. This creative slideshow can be a surprise for birthdays, anniversaries, or simply as an appreciation gift. Include a short video clip of you expressing a heartfelt message to make the gesture even more special.

Online Shopping Date

Browse online stores together and pick out items for each other, turning shopping into a shared experience.

DIY Craft Night

Have a blast with a DIY craft night! Pick a fun project, gather your materials, and enjoy creating together over video chat. Whether it’s making personalized cards, crafting home décor, or trying your hand at simple origami, this hands-on date allows you to share laughs and creativity, turning your virtual space into a crafting haven.

Online Escape Room

Start an exciting virtual adventure by tackling puzzles and mysteries in an online escape room together. Work as a team, crack codes, and enjoy the thrill of solving challenges from the comfort of your own homes. It’s a fun and engaging way to bond, test your teamwork, and create lasting memories without leaving your living room.

Karaoke Night

Host a virtual karaoke night, taking turns singing your favorite tunes and sharing laughs over video chat. Whether you’re a singing pro or just having fun, it’s a lighthearted way to enjoy music together and create memorable moments.

Gardening Together

Planting a small garden is a delightful way to connect and nurture something together, even if you have limited outdoor space. Choose your favorite flowers or herbs, enjoy the process of planting, and witness the beauty of your shared garden as it grows over time.

Online Trivia Night

Joining online trivia nights is an entertaining way to test your knowledge, learn new things, and enjoy each other’s company without leaving your living room. Team up, answer questions together, and enjoy the lively atmosphere of virtual trivia night, making it a memorable and laughter-filled date experience.

Watch Sunrise/Sunset

Plan a time to watch the sunrise or sunset together through video chat, creating a shared moment despite the physical distance. Share your thoughts on the colors of the sky, and feel the warmth of the sun together, making it a simple yet meaningful date experience that bridges the gap.

Memory Lane

Take a stroll down memory lane by reminiscing about your favorite shared moments and looking through old photos. Share stories, recall funny stories, and cherish the journey you’ve had together, building a deeper connection through shared memories. It’s a heartwarming way to strengthen your bond and create a sense of togetherness despite being miles apart.

Personality Tests

Explore online personality tests together and discuss the results, gaining insights into each other’s unique traits and preferences. Share your thoughts on the accuracy of the tests, and discover new aspects of your personalities that strengthen your understanding of each other. It’s a lighthearted and engaging way to learn more about yourselves and enhance your connection, turning self-discovery into a shared experience


On a clear night, both of you can stargaze simultaneously and share what constellations you can see. Discuss the stories or myths behind the constellations. It’s a peaceful and romantic activity that adds a touch of wonder to your long-distance relationship, making the wide night sky feel a little closer and more intimate.

Virtual Spa Night

Treat yourselves to a virtual spa night for a relaxing and enjoyable long-distance experience. Each of you can independently try making DIY facemasks using simple ingredients from your kitchen, and you can video call while doing this. Set up a calming atmosphere with soothing music and scented candles to enhance the spa-like ambiance, providing a perfect way to unwind together, even from a distance.

TikTok Challenge

How about taking on TikTok challenges together? Explore the world of dance, lip-syncing, or creative challenges on the platform. You can choose a popular TikTok trend, create your own twist, and share the fun by posting your videos. It’s a lighthearted and engaging way to bond, showcasing your creativity while being miles apart. So, grab your smartphones, get those dance moves ready, and enjoy a dose of laughter and connection through TikTok challenges in your LDR date nights!

Online Comedy Show

Start an evening of laughter by watching an online stand-up comedy show together. Share your favorite jokes, enjoy the comedian’s humor, and laugh together, making it a fun and memorable date night in your long-distance relationship.

Virtual Concert

Experience the fun and thrill of watching a live or recorded concert together, creating a virtual concert experience in your own spaces. Discuss your favorite songs, dance along, and share the excitement of live music, making it a delightful date activity in your long-distance relationship.

Plan a Dream Vacation

Planning your dream vacation is a wonderful way for long-distance couples to feel closer. Share your travel wishes, talking about the places and activities you both dream of. It’s like creating a future adventure together, a reminder that, even apart, you’re building a special journey for when you can finally be together.

These simple and enjoyable date ideas serve as a toolkit to nurture the spark in your LDR. Whether it’s video chats or cooking together, each activity acts as a bridge, making the distance seem a bit smaller. Keep in mind that with every virtual date, you’re crafting moments that strengthen your bond and lay the groundwork for future adventures together. So, no matter the distance, your love story continues, and these date ideas are here to help it thrive!

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