Romance on a Budget: Inexpensive and Cheap First Date Ideas

When it comes to first dates, what is your budget? You might think that you need fancy dinners and expensive outings to make a good impression. But there are plenty of inexpensive date ideas out there if you want something more casual. Below are some great first-date ideas that won’t break the bank.

1) Dinner & A Movie: This is an oldie but a goodie. It’s still common for people to go on dinner and movie dates because they’re both fun activities that don’t require much planning or money! Just pick up food before heading over to the theater so you can have an easy meal without having to pay restaurant prices. We recommend grabbing sushi from your favorite takeout place — most theaters will allow you to bring in outside food.

2) Drinks Near Home: Another low-cost idea for a first date would be going out with someone who lives near where you live. If your commute isn’t too long, then it shouldn’t cost very much at all just to grab drinks from one of the many bars near you. Don’t forget to give them a call before heading out so they can let their friends know that you’re coming over!

3) A Walk In The Park: This is a great first date idea for when the weather starts to warm up, and you want to enjoy spending time outside. Even if it’s cold, plenty of indoor parks offer free admission, so your date doesn’t have to be expensive at all! You can bring along some snacks or drinks from home, too — just stick to simple, inexpensive foods, so you don’t have to worry about spills or messes.

4) Go To A Free Concert: Music is a great way to break the ice and start getting your date comfortable around you when it comes to first dates. If they like music as much as you do, we suggest seeing one of their favorite bands play at a local club or bar for free! You can buy tickets beforehand if possible, so you aren’t wasting money on entrance fees.

5) A Stroll At The Mall: If you both have the time, then a first date at the mall might be fun! You can walk around together and window shop for some cute outfits. Just remember to dress appropriately, so everyone stays comfortable on this budget-friendly outing.

6) A Trip To The Drive-In: This is a unique first-date idea and perfect for those who like movies. You can make it fun by picking up snacks from the grocery store or gas station beforehand, so you have everything set to go! If your car has speakers, feel free to bring them along too — be sure that they’re turned off by the time you park.

7) A Tour Of Your City: If you’re not from the same city, then this is a great first-date idea to help break the ice. You can learn more about what your partner likes and discover interesting facts that they might appreciate discovering for themselves.

8) A Trip To The Zoo: This is a great first date for animal lovers! It’s inexpensive and you’ll get to learn more about your partner, plus enjoy seeing all of the wonderful sights at your local zoo. Just remember that they might be tired after walking around so much, which means no late-night activities afterward — not even dessert or coffee!

9) Go On A Bike Ride: This is an inexpensive first-date idea that’s perfect for those who like to be active. It might not sound too romantic, but taking a bike ride together can be fun, and it gets your heart pumping! Just remember to wear sunscreen if the weather permits — otherwise, you’ll need some other type of protection from the sun, so you don’t get burned while you’re out.

10) Go Stargazing: If you live in a rural area, then going stargazing might be one of the best first-date ideas. Plus, it’s inexpensive, so you don’t have to worry about spending any money at all! If possible, you can bring some snacks and drinks from home — just make sure that your partner knows, so they won’t expect you to pay for their food during the outing.

11) Use A Library Card: Libraries are filled with free resources that you can use on your first dates, such as books and videos! You can get a library card together if one or both of you don’t have one already — this way, you’ll be able to check out DVDs and find interesting books to read.

12) Go To A Free Museum: If you and your partner like art, then a free museum might be the perfect place for your first date! You’ll get to see some beautiful pieces together without spending too much money on tickets or food — remember that they may be tired after walking around so much, which means no late-night activities afterward.

13) Take A Hike: This is a great first-date idea if you like the outdoors and want to get active with your partner while getting some fresh air! Just make sure that it’s not too hot outside — otherwise, you’ll end up coming down with heatstroke or worse. You can bring along food and drinks from home if possible, but make sure your date knows, so they’re not expecting you to pay for their food during the outing.

14) Go To The Beach: This date idea is perfect for those who like being active while enjoying some time outside. You don’t have to spend too much money, and you can bring snacks from home if possible. Just make sure that your partner knows, so they’re not expecting you to pay for their food during the outing!

15) Go Bowling: Another inexpensive first-date idea, plus its good exercise too! You’ll get some time together while having fun doing something different — just don’t forget to bowl with one hand if you’re a leftie. If your date is into it, then try bringing them flowers or chocolates before starting the game!

16) Visit The Farmer’s Market: This date idea helps break the ice while learning more about each other at the same time. There are lots of activities that you can do, such as sampling different foods or simply walking around together. Just remember to bring cash if possible — otherwise, you’ll end up having to withdraw money from an ATM which could cost a lot in fees!

In conclusion… Inexpensive and Cheap First Date Ideas are a great way for people who want casual dates without spending money on fancy dinners or outings. Try going out with someone nearby if your commute isn’t too long – just call them first!

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