First Date Gifts – 5 Best Ideas

Even during ancient times, suitors bring gifts to the special person they pursue. It is a favored gesture that is associated with great appreciation and respect. Fast forward to the present, the right gift at the right time still makes a lasting impression and sets you apart from the rest.

So what kind of gift is suitable for a first date? First of all, it shouldn’t be too expensive, it’s a simple gesture that shows your thoughtfulness. Here are five romantic gift ideas that are perfect for a first date:

1. Flowers

Before you order her an ordinary bouquet, choose something that would represent her personality. If you don’t know her favorite flowers, here is a quick guide to help you:

A Single Rose, the Queen of all flowers and the classic symbol of affection.

Lilacs represent an old soul. Does your conversation with her involve classic movies? Like how you both agree that Jack could have survived in Titanic if only Rose did not hoard the wooden board? Or have you spent hours laughing trying to match each other’s boyband CD collection? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then lilacs are the best choice to give to her.

Sunflowers are for those who are anything but boring. If your lady is the type who loves the outdoors and is not afraid to try exotic dishes on the menu, then she would love a sunflower arrangement.

Calla lilies are to be picked if she is a go-getter and has concrete plans about the future. These are for the ladies who like topics involving their well-laid out plans on career growth and how she would save for a month-long trip in Europe.

Poppies should be selected for creative and trendy dates. They are absolutely not shy and are very bold in their thoughts. If you have one outspoken lady who loves to dance her heart out on parties, poppies will surely impress her.

Tulips represent elegance and confidence. Ladies who seemed to be “put together” at all times deserves a bunch of these magnificent flowers. They are the type who usually knows what they want—they might even bring the tulips up themselves. Context clues will be your BFF.

2. Wine

Unless your date is sober, wines are a great gift too. A great choice for starters would be to purchase a magnum. Well, it’s always better to have more than less. Who knows where the night (or day) will take you? Ideally, it is also a great value buy considering that you will have more rounds in a price of one.

Champagne is classic winner choice to. A bubbly fun date is guaranteed as you toast the night away. It is also a staple for celebrations and a first date is definitely something worth celebrating. You can also go for the classic red or white. Both are equally good choices, it is just up to you to decide your date’s preference.

3. Chocolates

Don’t trust anyone who does not like chocolates, even the vegan ones. I mean, c’mon, chocolates are one of man’s best inventions. It is even believed to cure depression. There are a variety of inexpensive but awesome sweet delights out there. You can also look for the ones with higher cacao percentage content for a healthier option. Dark chocolate also lowers the stress level and acts as a mood-booster.

4. Couple Games

Yes I know you’re not a couple yet, but there are certain games that are designed for people who are dating. Besides having an activity that’s making a lot of fun, they also help to get to know each other better and delivery more than enough material for great conversations. The first game is called Truth or Dare for Couples and contains 50 questions and challenges that will break the ice for sure. Another Game is this little box with over 100 Questions to start Great Conversations. Btw bringing and playing those games is a “gift” itself so you don’t have to leave it at her place. Tell her the next round will be at your place so she got one more reason to see you again for a second date.

5. Jewelry

Unless you are a billionaire, diamonds on first dates are a bit overwhelming. Simple jewelry like a fairly priced pendant is one best choice. Pendants are particularly special because it is somewhat similar to a centerpiece. Jewelry shops may also offer custom engravings if you like. You can have her initials engraved or do what my good friend did:

Before their first official date they have been talking for a while; on one of their conversations, they talked about their childhood. His date mentioned that she has a dog when she was eight-years-old. She loved the dog dearly and she was completely heartbroken when it died a few years after. He felt the connection and took advantage of that information. He had the name of the dog, Blimp, engraved on a pendant and gave it as a gift on their first date. Did the date go well? Let’s just say they have been married for almost nine years now.

Aside from pendants, you can also look for a nice bracelet or necklace. It is totally up to you. No one would know your date better than you.

There isn’t any secret when picking out gifts nor there is a one standard template gift. Look back on your conversations, think about her passion and see through her personality. The best gifts would always be the ones who are well-thought and has a back story. Listen to her stories, observe her traits and know the things she loves, your gift should have a personal significance this will be your guide for cute gifts.

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