Some Advice for Your Second Date

You know when you have a date with someone and it feels like the stars align? You’re having a great time, they’re funny, attractive, and you can’t wait to kiss them at the end of the night. The second date is an opportunity for both people to see if this could be something more. Here are romantic ways that will help seal that deal on that second date!

Take a second date to an activity that you can do together. Try cooking lessons, wine tasting, or taking in some culture at the museum. It’s important during this second date not to make it seem like you are trying too hard! You don’t want them thinking “she DROVE all the way out here for me? She must really like me!” Otherwise, they will think there is no challenge and lose interest quickly (or perhaps already have). Keep your second dates short – just enough time for potential sparks to fly! Or if sparks aren’t flying yet then maybe give yourself more than one second chance with someone before deciding that Mr./Mrs. Right isn’t right for you after all…and who knows what could happen on the third date?

If second dates aren’t your thing (you’re either not ready for a second date or you already know what kind of relationship they want to pursue), then it’s okay to try and take the pressure off by keeping first dates short. If you hate long-drawn-out dinners where there is silence between all parties, consider getting drinks at a bar instead. Catching up on life over some beers will be just as fun if not more! You can go dancing after that second drink or get ice cream across the street. Big cities are great because no matter how tired everyone gets from working hard during the day, nightlife never closes so you can always find something new and exciting to do with your date!

Keep talking about your common interests. If there’s one thing we all love in relationships it’s being able to talk about our favorite things together. On dates especially these conversations go so well because not only do you get to discover new information but also just enjoy each other’s company even more by sharing what makes your world light.

Find out if there is a romantic interest. Keep talking until you know for sure that this person could be interested romantically with you! If they act like they are, then take it up another notch and try one of the following activities: Ask them to join you for a walk through the park, ask them if they would like to go on an adventure with you. Be playful and lighthearted during this part of your date!

The romantic interest might also be unsure about whether or not he/she wants something more than friendship. If that’s the case then take it easy! Don’t corner them or come on too strong. It’s okay to have mutual friends! If you are still unsure about whether they’re interested in being more than just friends, then maybe it is time to ask the question…are we dating?

These romantic ways will help seal that deal on your second date so enjoy yourself and let things happen when they happen!

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